Corvus Technologies (Cortek) has developed an effective ‘Tracking and Monitoring System’; designed to track human and other assets in real time and high accuracy as they move throughout a building. Acting where GPS cannot, this tracking technology can figuratively “see thru walls”.

The unique, patent pending architecture is portable, and can be quickly set up on the exterior perimeter of a building and track assets while they move through the interior. Our tracking system is ideal for “First Responder” personnel such as firefighters, SWAT, or military, in safety-of-life applications.

Corvus Tracker Client User NodeUtilizing a “Control Station Monitor” with a 3D Graphical User Interface (GUI), the exact locations of first responders are carefully monitored and logged, providing an unparalleled level of security, information, reliability and safety. This architecture is adaptable, with the ability to track one user node or hundreds, cover large or smaller sized buildings of different construction material, including metals, thick concrete or brick. Besides positioning data, other information can be transmitted to the command station such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen tank levels, temperature etc. By secure means, this data can also be seen by remote monitors anywhere in the world, if desired.

Meeting high expectations of its conception, Corvus Technologies has recently completed a ‘proof-of-concept’ prototype for risk reduction purposes. This working ‘Engineering Model’ validates concepts that have been formulated into 40 patent claims. It proves that the technology is feasible. Marketing inquiries have been met with strong concurrence that there is a compelling need and interest for these capabilities, especially in the firefighting and military arenas.

Corvus Technologies is now entering the ‘Production Readiness’ phase, which will lead to full scale sales, marketing and manufacturing. Cortek is established to operate under 3 subsidiaries: Industrial, Military & International. A ‘Tracker’ system will nominally include a Command & Control Station, (with a GUI interface), 12 User Nodes and 4 Beacons which will have the capability of showing the exact location of all user nodes as well as biometrics of the user.

The Technology

  • Unmatched Low Visibility/Indoor Tracking
  • Monitor & Display Biometrics
  • Uses RF Physically Non-Invasive Techniques
  • Quasi-Real Time Asset Motion Tracking
  • Selective Display of Assets
  • Successful Commercialization of Military Technology
  • Cost Effective & Highly Reliable
  • Overlays Existing Technology
  • Flexibility to Respond to New Opportunities
  • Highly Encrypted and Secure Data Transfer

Barriers to Competition

  • Unique and Proprietary methodology
  • Price Modeling Advantage (due to Architecture)
  • Intellectual Property Rights (Patents)
  • Proprietary Components
  • First-to-Market advantage
  • Rapid Development for New Application
    • Core Technology 90%
    • Application Layer 10%

The Team

  • Committed
  • Degreed & Experienced Engineering Staff
  • Military (DOD) Clearances
  • Antenna, RF, Chip, Software, Firmware & Hardware Expertise
  • Networking, GeoSpatial & Virtual Immersion Experts
  • Critical Skill sets in Engineering, Management, Mfg. & Finance


Jae Heiner
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